город, городок

They rebuilt many ruined towns. — Они заново отстроили многие города, разрушенные войной.

The town was completely destroyed. — Город был совершенно разрушен.

What brought you to town today? — Что тебя сегодня привело в город?

The flood threatened the town. — Городу угрожало наводнение.

- big town
- chief towns
- oriental town
- small town
- strange town
- a border town
- port town
- deserted town
- ghost town
- medium-sized town
- trading town
- mining town
- noisy town
- besieged town
- neglected town
- rebuilt town
- market town
- shanty town
- rapidly growing town
- densely populated town
- out-of-the-way town
- typically southern town
- third largest town
- well-planned layed-out town
- town library
- town authorities
- town services
- a town council
- town water supply
- town with little population
- town with the population of 20 thousand inhabitants
- a town on the sea
- town on the river
- town at the foot of the mountain
- town across the river
- the people of the town
- utility service of the town
- heating system of the town
- sights of interest of the town
- bird's eye view of the town
- within the town
- north of the town
- out of town
- on the outskirts of the town
- wander about a town
- restore a town
- raise the town from the ashes
- go to town
- move to town
- drive about the town
- short of the town
- be town bred
- live in town
- build up develop new areas of the town
- come down from town
- lay out plan a town
- settle down in a town
- show smb around the town
- defend the town
- visit a town
- enclose the town with a wall
- go sightseeing around the town
- attack a town
- lose one's way in the town
- found out a town
- secure a town against assault
- protect the town
- find one's way in a town
- capture a town
- conquer a town
- take the town by surprise
- lay siege to the town
- raze the town out
- sweep the town from the face of the earth
- town lies on a hill
- town is located on both banks of the river
- town stretches along the bank of the river
- town is named after ...
- town is famous for its architecture
- town borders on a forest
- town withstood the siege
- town fell
- town passes over from hands to hands
- town passed over to the enemy
(1.) Существительное town противопоставлено существительному city. Существительное city обозначает большой, промышленный город или город, независимо от его размеров, в котором есть собор. (2.) Существительное town, обозначающее "не в деревне", "не в сельской местности", употребляется без артикля в оборотах типа to go to town, go out of town, be in town, live in town. (3.) Русское выражение "поехать за город" соответствует английскому выражению to go to the country

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